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Our Story

Artistic Delights, LLC

Artistic Delights was previously Artistic DelightsBK and started as a cupcakery and grew into an all-around catering service. The name Artistic Delights is a joint effort to bring insight into the creative design of our decadent desserts. Here we create 99% of our menu items from scratch using all-natural, organic, and fresh ingredients. Providing all-around catering services for a variety of cuisines- both savory and sweet. Dessert table packages are available and custom ordering- just ask!


  - Artistic- in the creation.

 - Delights (Delightful)- to simply reveal how one should feel after enjoying a menu item.


Founded by Shannae B. in 2009. Her love and passion for cooking, baking, and joy in watching others indulge. 

Our diversity in cuisine comes from Shannae's Caribbean background of Jamaican and Puerto Rican descent as well as her British background (hence the love of desserts or "afters" as a start of being a Cupcakery.
Today we are proud of how far we've come and continue to provide delightful desserts and savory dishes for all sorts of events and simple requests.
As we have grown and continue to grow, we have some packaged goods and merchandise available. Our Shopping page is underway, but you can find many of these items in person while visiting our table at a Market or Pop-Up event.
We thank you for visiting our page, or if you are a loyal customer, we thank you for your tremendous support!

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